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When to take protein drinks? Before or after Workout

February 2009

Protein drinks are great supplements to people who lead health conscious and fitness lifestyle. If you have decided to add protein drinks to your diet, you may be unsure to choose the best time to drink it. You must intake protein in order to maximize the efforts you put into your workouts. Protein drinks are digested quickly by the body and sent to the muscles that need it. There is always confusion whether to take protein drinks before or after workout. Taking protein drinks at any time can never have any bad effects.

Some suggest drinking protein drinks both before and after workout. Drinking the protein drinks before and after the workout helps in bulking up and gaining mass. But, it is better to take the protein drinks 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the workout. Taking protein drink both before and after workout may not be that much beneficial because your body can absorb only about 20 to 30 grams of protein every two hours.Some people suggest taking protein drinks before working out. If you eat protein before the workout, you will not be wasting the chance to burn calories. But, before workouts, your body may not need much protein.

If you intake protein drinks before any workout or exercise, it is not easily digested. In an attempt to digest the drink, your body may show symptoms such as cramp.If you are opting to drink the protein drinks only once per day, then it is better to drink it immediately after working out. In fact, taking protein drinks after working out is the right thing to follow.

Some research also reveals that drinking protein shakes before the workout will help you to get more muscle when compared to taking the drink after the workout. Your body needs protein to build your muscles after the workout. So, it is better to drink protein drinks after the workout. Also it is wise to take the protein drink at least 30 to 45 minutes after working out. It will be the best time to take it, because it is the time when your muscles will be repairing themselves. The repairing muscles need protein essentially. Protein drink mixed with some simple carbohydrates can help your body to absorb amino acids more efficiently and use them for current tissue repair and growth.

In general, people take protein drinks within two hours of a major workout. But the most beneficial time to take protein drinks is within 30 minutes of your workout. Take protein drinks right after your workout, then wait for a few hours and then take food protein. If you are looking for a good protein shake, you can consider Whey Protein Powders which are excellent for encouraging muscle repair and growth. Don’t depend only on the protein drinks. They are only supplements. Make sure to include food protein, enough carbohydrates and other nutrients. Also drink a lot of water.

Taking protein drinks before you sleep is also a good idea because muscles tend to repair themselves during sleep and the protein will help to make them stronger and larger. But the best time to take protein drinks is within one hour after your workout, so that your repairing muscles can get the fastest relief.


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