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Xenadrine fat burner - To lose your weight

September 2008

The manufactures of Xenadrine-NRG, claim that Xenadrine-NRG is an extended-release energy supplement and its patented formula is specifically aimed at increasing energy levels within 30 minutes and then enables it to sustain those levels for up to 8 full hours.

Strangely, the company is promoting Xenadrine-NRG less as fat burners pill and more as an energy booster and nutritional supplements. But the fact is Xenadrine, with almost all energy boosters, contains heavy quantities of caffeine. It may be said without fear of contradiction that Xenadrine-NRG pills are hard-pressed aspirin sized pellets, and when consumed these small pellets are slowly absorbed by the body system. This slow and gradual absorption of the pills allows for a continuous sustained dose of caffeine.

As vitamin supplements Xenadrine-NRG seems to be well recognized in the market. It has received fair share of positive reviews, and of these reviews are to be believed, more and more people are successfully using this supplement to lose weight. The thing to note about Xenadrine-NRG is, in order to lose weight this vitamin supplements must be taken in combination with a moderate physical exercise routine and a healthy balanced diet plan. It is reliably learnt that more than sixty percent of Xenadrine fat burner users are satisfied with its results. Customers who successfully lost weight with Xenadrine fat burner were those who used the pill to increase their activity level through moderate exercise. For customers who reported weight loss the range varied from 10 to 20 lbs over a two month period.

But it is not that users of Xenadrine-NRG do not have any complaints. Quite a few of them confirmed the diet pill certainly increases energy, but felt it did nothing to promote weight loss. Critics harp on the fact that diet pills and weight loss supplements are going to be effective if you fail to make the appropriate lifestyle changes. It's extremely important that Xenadrine fat burner be used in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

It's important to know the recommended dosage of the pills and not over consume them.

It is said Xenadrine-NRG is to be taken on an empty stomach and the right dosages are:

  • To maintain energy and burn fat for up to 8 hours, take two tablets daily
  • To increase energy and fat burning for up to 8 hours, take three tablets daily
  • For maximum energy and fat burning for up to 8 hours, take four tablets daily.
To achieve best results, observe a balanced and sensible diet and exercise program. Some enthusiastic customers say that even taking one pill in the morning is enough to give them the energy boost they need and that two pills per day can be an over-dosage, especially for beginners taking Xenadrine-NRG for the first few days.

Research shows that the main active ingredient of Xenadrine-NRG is clearly caffeine and other xanthine alkaloids include theobromine and theophylline. Now that ephedra is banned, this quantum of caffeine in a diet pill is fairly common. Caffeine has been known to promote weight loss by suppressing appetite, stimulating metabolic rate, and enhancing physical performance.

The manufacturers for Xenadrine-NRG candidly admit that side effects, as a result of the caffeine, may include nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, and occasional rapid palpitation. Most users mention side effects as nausea, headaches, rapid heartbeat, anxiety, cramps, and many customers have complained they have trouble keeping the diet pills down when taken on an empty stomach. Some customers opine the pills can be mildly addictive and if they miss a dose they feel tired and groggy. The high dose of caffeine in these pills may cause severe withdrawal symptoms when you finally decide to discontinue using Xenadrine-NRG.


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